(James Smith photo)

(James Smith photo)

North Delta crime beat, week of April 13

A selection of property crimes submitted weekly by the Delta Police Department

The purpose of the crime beat is to educate and inform the public about some of the property crime trends occurring in North Delta and other files of interest. It is submitted weekly by the Delta Police Department. If you see anything occurring that you believe to be suspicious, call 911 for in progress crimes and emergencies or 604-946-4411 for other assistance.

The following are some of the calls police responded to in the previous week:

• April 14, 2:23 p.m., 7100-block 120th St.: Complainant called police to report her purse had been stolen from a shopping cart in the store parking lot. She had returned the shopping cart, walked back to her vehicle, then realized her purse was left inside the cart. When she returned to the cart her purse was missing. Investigation is continuing.

• April 15, 3:30 a.m., 11200-block 82nd Ave.: Complainant took garbage out of the house late the night before and forgot to close the garage door. The next morning they discovered approximately $2,800 worth of tools had been stolen from the garage.

• April 16, 10:09 a.m., 11000-block 70th Ave.: Police noted a vehicle failed to signal a right hand turn and pulled it over. The officer noticed the distinct odour of liquor and read the approved screening device demand. This resulted in two “fail” readings and the driver was then served notice that he was prohibited from driving for 90 days. His vehicle was impounded for 30 days.

• April 16, 12:29 p.m., location withheld: Police were contacted regarding a concern about a possible violation of the Quarantine Act, as the caller was aware of someone who had recently returned to Canada. Police attended the residence and determined the subject of the complaint was at home in a separate part of the home and understood he was not to leave the residence for any reason. Police cautioned that there could be potential fines for breaking quarantine, which the traveller indicated that he understood.

• April 16, 10:03 p.m., 11900-block 78th Ave.: Police were contacted about a pitbull running loose in the neighbourhood which appeared to be in distress. Police located the dog and were able to find its owner. Police advised the owner to find alternative ways to secure the dog in the yard so it does not escape.

• April 17, 3:16 p.m., 500-block Ebury Pl.: Complainant reported he had received a video via social media of an assault that apparently had occurred at this location. Police checked video and noted the alleged assault in question took place a year ago, and that the matter had been dealt with and two individuals were now facing charges as result of the incident. No new criminal offence.

• April 18, 8:52 p.m., 10000-block 82nd Ave.: A member of the public called to report an impaired driver, who he indicated had nearly hit him twice. Police located the driver, who admitted he had been drinking. The driver was demanded to blow into the approved screening device, resulting in a fail. His driver’s licence was seized and he was prohibited from driving for 90 days, and his vehicle was impounded for 30 days.

• April 18, 7:23 p.m., Cougar Creek neighbourhood: Police were contacted because a driver’s vehicle that had been parked on the street, was broken into. The vehicle door was unlocked, and sunglasses and a GPS device were taken.

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