(Delta Police Department photo)

(Delta Police Department photo)

Delta crime beat: week of April 25 to May 1

Police responded to a shots-fired call at Watershed Park April 23 but found no evidence of gunfire

Each week, the Delta Police Department provides the North Delta Reporter with an outline of calls for service received the week prior and highlights an issue affecting Delta residents.

Here is a snapshot of calls received by police the week of April 25 to May 1 (and the week of April 18 to 24):

• Number of completed calls: 564 (531)

• General occurrence reports created: 472(435)

• False/abandoned 911 calls: 59 (60)

• Assisting the public: 61 (63)

• Break-and-enters: 5 (1)

• Collisions: 19 (no previous data)

• Frauds: 10 (no previous data)

At 6:30 p,m, on April 29, police received a report of an attempt theft of a catalytic converter from a Honda CRV in the 11800-block of 80th Avenue. The catalytic converter had a clean cut on one side, however was still attached on the other.

The province has changed the regulations for metal dealers and recyclers to require them to report each transaction — including seller information — to police, however these types of thefts are still occurring.

Police say you can help avoid this type of theft from auto by parking in a well lit area or your garage.

Also last week, DPD officers took six impaired drivers off the road, serving four 90-day immediate roadside prohibitions (IRPs) — three for failing and one for refusing the roadside test. As well, officers served one three three-day “warning” and a 24-hour IRP for drugs.

The week prior, Delta police served seven IRPs: four 90-day and three three-day prohibitions.

If you suspect someone is driving while impaired, please call 911.

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