Dr. Steven Krieger was formerly a dentist at Clover Care Dental Clinic in Cloverdale. (Sam Anderson)

Dr. Steven Krieger was formerly a dentist at Clover Care Dental Clinic in Cloverdale. (Sam Anderson)

Cloverdale dentist fined, suspended after ‘incompetently’ practicing dentistry

Complainants alleged his treatments caused harm, unnecessary pain

Dr. Steven Krieger, formerly a dentist at Clover Care Dental Clinic, has admitted to providing substandard dental treatment and is facing fines and a year’s suspension from practice.

The College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia (CDSBC) has been conducting an investigation for nearly a year, after a dozen lawsuits were levied against Krieger in 2016.

Former patients of Krieger alleged that his treatments caused harm and unnecessary pain.

Krieger voluntarily withdrew from his practice in November 2016 during the CDSBC investigation, and was scheduled to face a discipline hearing in mid November 2017. The hearing was cancelled after Krieger admitted to providing dental treatment that failed to meet standards.

In a report published on the CDSBC website, Krieger admits to providing “substandard” treatment and that he practised dentistry “incompetently.”

The CDSBC accepted his admission and approved his proposal for resolution.

Krieger must pay a fine of $10,000 and a further $4,000 to the CDSBC for investigation costs and he has been ordered not to practise dentisry for a year.

In order to return to practicing in the fall of 2018, he must complete the following remediation steps: a 16-day mentorship program that includes “basic dental anatomy, physiology and pathology”; board assessments of fundamental knowledge, and clinical examinations; and three, 10-day clinical mentorships in basic dentistry.

If Krieger successfully completes these steps, he may return to practice, with limitations. He must not treat more than five patients in a single day, his practice will be monitored by the CDSBC and he must “prominently” post a sign in his office that informs his patients that he is being monitored by CDSBC.

Krieger must complete all of these requirements by May 1, 2019, or he will lose his registration with the CDSBC.


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