A picture of the Kingston Gardens in Guilford from Metro Vancouver housing’s website.

A picture of the Kingston Gardens in Guilford from Metro Vancouver housing’s website.

Bradley easing concerns about subsidized housing renovation in Surrey

One tenant expressed concerns in the media about relocation

A Metro Vancouver housing renovation project scheduled in Surrey was making waves after complaints from one resident were circulating in the media.

He voiced concerns about being displaced after Metro Vancouver housing announced they would be replacing 24 units in the 192 unit complex, while adding another 59 units in total.

Metro Vancouver housing spokesperson Don Bradley wants to make it clear that no resident should be worried about being out on their own during renovations.

“When the project proceeds, every effort will be made to provide alternative accommodations within the Kingston Gardens complex,” said Bradley. “Many of the same tenants will be offered opportunities to move into new units.”

“Any tenants impacted will be offered alternative housing on-site, or at Metro Vancouver housing elsewhere.”

Bradley isn’t sure how many tenants will be impacted during construction, which will take place either late in 2018 or early in 2019.

What he does want to make sure of is that no tenant feels nervous or scared about losing their home as a result of the construction.

“We will work closely with existing tenants to make sure that no one will be displaced as a result of the development project,” Bradley said.

Bradley also notes that there won’t be any significant changes in the monthly rates that current tenants are paying.

Aside from easing the minds of worried tenants, Bradley is excited about the new project that’s underway, saying it’s a win for existing tenants at Kingston Gardens.

“It’s a terrific development for those tenants, and for new tenants on the waiting list,” he said. “This project provides badly needed affordable housing.”

Metro Vancouver housing owns and operates 49 affordable housing sites across the Lower Mainland, with approximately 9,400 tenants.

He said the Metro Vancouver housing wait list is approximately as long as the current tenant’s list.

The Kingston Gardens public housing complex is located in Guilford on the 15300 block of 99th Avenue, right near Guilford Town Centre.

Bradley says there will be a meeting at Kingston Gardens tonight to meet with residents about the upcoming construction.

“Any tenant who is concerned is simply not aware of Metro Vancouver housing practices,” said Bradley. “If any tenants have concerns, please let us know.”


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