NightCap – Keep Your Drink from Getting Spike While Out

NightCap is a protective cover that keeps consumers from the risk of having their drink spiked when they are out with other people. The cover is quite discreet and secure, though consumers can also use it to protect their drinks from exposure to insects and other contaminants that blow through the air.

What is NightCap?

There is nothing quite as scary as the possibility of having a drink spiked. Men and women alike are told to constantly keep an eye on their drinks, taking them along with them wherever they go. Unfortunately, even a momentary lapse in judgment leaves that drink open to any contaminants that a passerby might drop in it. Since over half of all women have their drink spiked at some point in their lifetime, the use of NightCap could be the solution to end it once and for all.

Working as a defense against individuals with bad intentions, NightCap is a bold signal to anyone around the user that they aren’t going to let their drink be messed with. Though consumers should always have an eye on their drink, the use of this cover offers the defense that the body needs. It also doesn’t take any extra effort to keep it around wherever the user goes.

NightCap is a reusable cover, and it can be washed by hand or with other laundry. While other covers only allow the individual to use it once before it needs to be thrown away, that’s not the case with NightCap. It can be washed and reused plenty of times, and it can easily be stored in a purse or pocket between drinks. If it gets wet, the stretchy material dries fast to be used again. However, dampness won’t impede the ability of the cover to protect the drink.

Far too many people have started dealing with spiked drinks, whether they are at a bar or at a party. These spiked drinks put the individual at risk of being a victim in an unfortunate situation. That’s why NightCap works for any type of cup. While it isn’t able to work on wine glasses that have a rounded lip, it works on most other designs. It even works on cans.

Even though consumers should be mindful of the people around them, using NightCap gives them an additional line of defense. It gives consumers the freedom to watch over someone else’s drink while their own is protected already.

Purchasing the NightCap

To get NightCap, consumers will have to visit the official website. The website offers a few different packages, saving consumers a little money as they order more Nightcaps in their purchase. The packages include:

  • One NightCap pair for $24.99
  • Three NightCap pairs for $49.98
  • Five NightCap pairs for $74.97

All orders have a 90-day money-back guarantee, ensuring that users won’t lose out on their investment. The creators also offer free shipping for every purchase of at least three pairs of NightCaps.

Frequently Asked Questions About the NightCap

Can NightCap be reused?

Yes. NightCap can be cleaned in a washing machine or by hand, allowing the user to keep it available whenever they need it.

Can NightCap fit on any cup or glass?

This lid is supposed to fit over the majority of cups and glasses. Wine glasses and small cups with inward curves might be too small for NightCap to fit. It even fits on a Solo cup.

What other ways can NightCap be used?

Some consumers bring NightCap with them while spending time outdoors to protect their drink from insects, while others use it to defend their drinks against their thirsty pets.

What happens if NightCap gets wet?

There is nothing wrong with NightCap getting wet. The nylon/spandex material dries fast, so users won’t have to worry about the moisture staying around. The wetness won’t prevent NightCap from blocking anything out.

Will users need a straw when using NightCap?

Yes. However, the type of straw won’t matter. Consumers can use a plastic, paper, or reusable straw.

Is it possible that the user will get their hair in their drink?

No. Since the cover is inside the scrunchie pocket, it won’t touch the user’s hair at any time.

How long will it take for the NightCap order to arrive?

Once the order leaves the warehouse within 48 hours, consumers can expect it in 3-5 business days for domestic delivery. Orders that are shipped internationally take a little longer.

Will consumers have to worry about the cost of customs with NightCap?

These fees vary by country.

How do consumers know that their order has gone out?

Once the order ships, users will be sent an email with their tracking details.

What if the user isn’t happy with the use of NightCap?

Every order is protected by a 90-day return policy for any unopened purchase.

The customer service team can be reached by sending an email to support@getnightcapscrunchie.io.


NightCap offers a unique and effective way to prevent drinks from being contaminated by drugs, insects, and particles in the air. Consumers can continue drinking through a straw for the entire night without worrying that someone put something in their drink. Plus, they can carry around the cover completely unnoticed in their hair or on their wrist as a scrunchie.

With a money-back guarantee for any unopened order, consumers can change their mind if they want a different option. However, the price is already fairly low, which means that consumers get a great deal no matter what.

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