Leading Hospitals for Cancer Care

Cancer treatment is one of the most acute problems of modern medicine. Malignant neoplasms kill millions of people each year. The standard cancer treatment methods are surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. At the advanced stages of the disease, they are often palliative. Oncology is a challenge for many people as well as it is for scientists searching for new ways to fight malignant tumors. Luckily, the leading cancer hospitals practice the newest treatment methods, giving many people a chance for a cure.

Innovative methods of managing cancer

In many cases, the conventional treatments prolong the patient’s life and improve its quality, but do not defeat the disease. Thanks to the joint efforts of scientists, new cancer therapies have been discovered.

For example, certain microbial populations impact the rate of cancer progression and the effectiveness of treatment. Researches have shown that the composition of the gut microbiome can affect tumor response to immunotherapy. Scientists now need to identify the appropriate types of microorganisms and their influence. In the future, doctors will be able to modify the microbiome’s composition in order to reduce the risk of cancer and increase the efficacy of treatments.

Some time ago, immunotherapy for progressive forms of cancer was approved. It aims to attack and destroy cancer cells with the patient’s own immune cells. The application of immunotherapy becomes more widespread every year, with more and more cancers being treated effectively and safely. Researchers are already exploring this powerful technology in clinical trials that include thousands of patients suffering from various forms of blood, lung, ovarian, stomach and brain cancer.

New treatments for stage 4 cancer in leading cancer hospitals

Not long ago, patients with abdominal carcinomatosis (a frequent complication of stage 4 cancer) were considered inoperable and received only palliative measures. Simply put, physicians tried to improve a patient’s well-being, but did not hope to cure him. With the development of the HIPEC procedure, the aims of medical care have changed.

During the hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy, preheated to a temperature of 40 degrees chemotherapy drugs are injected into the abdominal cavity. The medicine is left there for about two hours, flushing the peritoneal cavity with a special pump. This revolutionary technique allows killing peritoneal micrometastases and administering high drug dosages without the systemic side effects.

How to choose the best oncology hospital?

Should you choose the treatment at a large cancer center or at a small and comfortable hospital? What should you consider when choosing the best cancer hospital? Which cancer centers are worth recommending?

The best cancer hospital should have an interdisciplinary team of specialists and access to innovative treatment programs, state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, and the latest surgical techniques, as well as participate in clinical trials.

It’s worth choosing cancer centers specializing in treating a particular disease (e.g. breast cancer or lung cancer).

The list of best hospitals for cancer treatment includes the following medical institutions:

  • Helios Hospital Berlin-Buch
  • MediClin Robert Janker Clinic
  • Medias Cancer Clinic Burghausen
  • University Hospital Ulm
  • University Hospital Freiburg

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Cancer treatment in the best hospitals abroad during the lockdown

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