ConvertoBot Reviews – Legit Multi-Channel Chatbot Website Platform or Fake Hype?

Getting leads, bookings, and sales is a primary goal for any business. It helps to ensure that the business can continue on its path to success. Technology has made it easier for businesses to reach their target audiences and convert sales. Automated bots are one such technology that can help businesses gain leads, bookings, and sales. These powerful tools are designed to automate marketing tasks and streamline processes in order to bring in more customers.

If you want to take your online business to the next level, check out “ConvertoBot”. It is an innovative AI Chatbot platform that can help businesses get more leads, bookings, and sales on autopilot. With the power of machine learning, ConvertoBot provides a comprehensive solution to effectively engage customers and clients on social media channels. It can be integrated with most major web platforms, allowing businesses to stay connected to their customers in real-time.

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What is ConvertoBot?

ConvertoBot is a social media chatbot platform that can help your business get more leads and bookings and ultimately make more sales. The advanced features of ConvertoBot make it easy for companies to create automated conversations explicitly tailored to their business objectives. In under five minutes, you can have a bot live on your website, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp that will help streamline customer service tasks and enable you to operate on autopilot.

The chatbot’s artificial intelligence capabilities allow it to recognize customer intent and automatically respond with relevant answers based on customer keywords or phrases. Additionally, the platform makes it easy for any business owner to collect data from leads and bookings, providing them with valuable insights about their target audience.

Why your Business need ConvertoBot?

Bots are becoming increasingly popular in the business world, with many companies investing in bots to help automate customer service interactions ConvertoBot is a powerful multi-channel bot that works on websites, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp that can be used within a few minutes of starting. The bot helps businesses automate their customer service operations, allowing them to easily handle high volumes of queries. ConvertoBot AI technology has allowed businesses to reduce costs associated with manual customer support and provide consumers with 24/7 access to their services.

ConvertoBot platform also has the potential to increase leads, bookings, and sales for businesses who are able to effectively utilize them. Studies have found that customers who interact with a bot are more likely to convert than those who don’t. This is due to the fact that bots can provide customers with quick responses and relevant information without human intervention or waiting times. Furthermore, having a bot always on hand means businesses can get leads, bookings, and sales even when their sales staff are asleep or away from the office – essentially putting their business on autopilot.

How does ConvertoBot work?

When it comes to optimizing your business page, having a powerful automated chatbot is an essential tool. ConvertoBot makes it easy for businesses to create and deploy automated chat solutions that allow them to interact with visitors in real-time. It can help guide customers through different pages of your site, answer FAQs, and even direct them toward particular products or services.

Not only does this save time for both customers and staff members alike, but it ensures that no lead goes unchecked or ignored. All conversations are personalized according to the customer’s needs and preferences, making it easier for businesses to offer personalized service through their online channels.

Usage Guide for ConvertoBot

Using the ConvertoBot platform is relatively easy for any business owner. The purpose of ConvertoBot is to make the process of creating a custom AI-based chatbot easier and more accessible for businesses of all sizes. The platform requires no coding skills, meaning anyone can create an automated bot in minutes. The intuitive interface allows users to easily customize their bots with advanced features such as sentiment analysis and natural language processing (NLP). This makes it easy for businesses to quickly create a customized bot that fits their specific needs and goals.

  • Choose from an extensive list of pre-made customizable templates and enter your desired responses.
  • Now copy the chatbot’s website code to use on the platform.
  • After copying the code for a website bot, copy a URL for social media bots.
  • To activate your bot, copy and paste the code on your website. Alternatively, add a simple link to your bot to social media.
  • You can also watch a video in the training area that demonstrates precisely how it works.


Q: Can customers build their Bots?

A. Yes. Using a drag-and-drop builder, you may design your bots without coding knowledge.

Q: Which applications does ConvertoBot support?

A. Thanks to Zapier integration, ConvertoBot is compatible with practically every major app. You may link your application in a few clicks. You may quickly transfer data from ConvertoBot to other applications.

Q: What does Conversion mean?

A. A conversation occurs when a visitor interacts with your chatbot at least once. The act of opening (or auto-loading) your chatbot does not constitute a conversation. Additionally, one conversation is recorded if a visitor launches your chatbot and interacts with it many times. This is applicable to all types of chatbots (websites, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp).

Q: Do you provide API Access?

A. Yes. There are innumerable opportunities for technically minded individuals who wish to explore API. Contact the support staff to request API access.

Where to buy the CobvertoBot

ConvertoBot offers a simple and competitive bot service pricing for its platform that allows customers to optimize their business processes. With the starter plan at $27 per month or $270 per year, businesses can access basic features such as automated customer service, natural language processing, and bot-building tools.

For companies that need more than just the basics, several other subscription plans are available. All subscriptions include unlimited conversations with their customers and monthly analytics reports to help measure performance and success. You can learn more by contacting the support team via the following:

  • Email: support@convertobot.com


With the ConvertoBot autopilot system in place, companies are assured of maintaining excellent customer service standards at all times. The multi-channel capability makes ConvertoBot an ideal solution for businesses looking for an automated system that can take care of their customers’ needs 24/7 without any manual intervention. Using AI-driven technology, the bot can respond to customer inquiries in real time and provide accurate answers quickly and efficiently.

This enables the business to save time and resources while providing consistently high service levels. Furthermore, it allows employees to focus on more complex tasks instead of answering repetitive questions.

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