Delta school trustee candidate Q&A: Jessie Dosanjh

Delta school trustee candidate Q&A: Jessie Dosanjh

The North Delta Reporter sent school trustee candidates a list of six questions to answer

The North Delta Reporter sent school trustee candidates a list of six questions to gauge their positions on some of the major issues in the 2018 civic election campaign. We gave candidates a limit of 400 words total to answer. Here’s what Independents Working for You candidate Jessie Dosanjh had to say:

(Note, all candidates’ answers have been edited for length, clarity and to conform with Canadian Press style, as required.)

1) Why are you running for school board?

I’m running for the school board in order to promote sports in our education system as this will instill communication skills, teamwork and leadership values in our youth.

2) What, in your view, is the job of a school trustee?

In my view, the job of a school trustee is to work for the betterment of our students and their education.

3) What are the biggest challenges facing students today and what will you do to help kids to overcome them?

In my opinion, the biggest challenges facing students today is the lack of relationships and trust between students and teachers. In order to overcome this obstacle it is important that trust is established between students and teaching staff, as this will lead to better communication between the two. This will be achieved by integrating sports into our schools.

4) What is missing in our schools (for students as well as staff) and how do you plan to address those shortfalls?

Over the broad spectrum the main thing missing in our schools is the emotional aspect. At this point the majority of students and teachers are obliged to be present and a sense of belonging and pride appear to be lacking. Sports will address these shortfalls by allowing both students and teachers to engage with each other on a different platform other than a classroom.

5) Many issues that come before the board boil down to a question of money: how/where best to spend the funds allocated to the district by the Ministry of Education. Do you think that the district is adequately funded by the province, and if not, how will you advocate for more money for Delta schools?

In order to advocate for more money for Delta schools from the province I will identify what is needed for our students with respect to extracurricular activities/sports, then develop an action plan and present it to the ministry. For instance, there is a lack of sports facilities in Delta and this problem needs to be tackled with additional funds.

6) Barring additional funds from the province, how can the district best cover budget shortfalls or pay for projects/programs on its wish list?

Budget shortfalls must be the responsibility of the entire community which is beyond just parents, teachers and students to bind together and fundraise for projects/programs. The Delta community all have a hand to create a better future for our youth.

The civic election takes place on Saturday, Oct. 20.

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