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Lady With an Ermin

Timeless wonder: Leonardo da Vinci’s genius comes to life after 500 years

The Da Vinci Experience comes to Tsawassen Mills

The mere mention of the name “da Vinci” evokes genius. His artwork is beautiful, accurate, timeless and enigmatic. His astounding body of work captures the essence of the Renaissance, a time when all things seemed possible. This great thinker, painter, sculptor, musician, poet and scientist revolutionized the way we think and learn, and especially how we view the world around us.

Wonder anew

The Da Vinci Experience revolutionizes the way visitors experience the master’s work, bringing the past to life in a new and refreshing “edutainment experience.” Just as da Vinci was a genius and much more than an artist, this astonishing show is more than an art exhibit. Using the genius of cutting-edge technology, visitors step beyond and behind the paintings and inventions, immersed in the world of the Renaissance and da Vinci’s incomparable mind.

Timeless technology: flying machines to virtual reality

Time melts away as you learn about Leonardo’s life, from his birth in 1452 in Vinci, Italy, to his death in Amboise, France in 1519. More than 500 years may have passed since, but da Vinci’s genius remains as fresh and awe-inspiring as it was when he first put charcoal to page. His visionary inventions were technological wonders then and now, and it seems almost impossible that he lived so long ago.

Gain a fresh perspective on The Last Supper, pose next to a replica of The Mona Lisa, the most recognized painting in the world, and view exceptional reproductions of many of da Vinci’s masterpieces. Imagine trying out da Vinci’s hang glider, or one of his many other ahead-of-their-time mechanical wonders, as you study full-size models built from da Vinci’s own designs.

Dream world: A mind that never stopped

The next stop in the exhibit will take you to another plane as you step into the mind of the genius. Larger than life, let your senses fill with images and music as the floors and walls shimmer with da Vinci’s vast collection of works. Floor-to-ceiling screens and evocative music give a new perspective to the magnitude of da Vinci’s artwork, inventions and place in history.

Learn from the master himself

Finally, experience da Vinci’s workshop through the wonder of virtual reality. See replicas of his inventions, all based on his sketches, up close and in three dimensions as you step into the master’s studio for a sensory experience like no other.

This spectacular not-to-be-missed, multimedia, immersive exhibit is a collaboration between three countries, and has welcomed over three million visitors worldwide so far! Staged for the first time in North America, it’s curated by the director of the Leonardian Museum in Vinci, Italy, and recreates the genius of da Vinci in a multimedia exhibit suitable for the whole family.

A school program package is also available. Information for educators here.

Hosted at Tsawassen Mills in Tsawassen, get tickets here.

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Horse study by da Vinci

Horse study by da Vinci