Big Bazaar Delta owner Sukh Sidhu holds the winning ballot for Aleisha Levins, who won their draw for $400 in groceries!

Big Bazaar Delta owner Sukh Sidhu holds the winning ballot for Aleisha Levins, who won their draw for $400 in groceries!

Sharing a taste of the globe with the local community

Delta grocery store showcases multicultural delights

When Sukh Sidhu decided to make a change from his career as an engineer, he was keen to do something that would let him interact more with the community.

Opening Big Bazaar in Delta was perfect.

A truly multicultural grocery store, Big Bazaar carries fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, meats, breads and grocery items, including a delicious array of Indian, Chinese, Filipino, European, Fijian and local Canadian foods – everything you need for an amazing taste of the world is here!

“I always wanted to connect more with the community,” Sidhu says. “I thought that this kind of business a would be a great way to do just that.

“And for our customers, it’s very convenient – we’re the first grocery store you see when you come into Delta. It has easy access and lots of parking so you can just stop in on your way home from work and pick something up.”

One of the great features of this unique grocery store is their Big Meat Shop, which offers a fantastic selection of fish, chicken, pork, beef, lamb and goat.

“We never used to sell beef or pork because we wanted to cater to those with certain religious dietary restrictions. However, we found that there was a big demand for these items,” Sidhu says. “Our solution was to begin selling very high-quality pre-packaged beef and pork items that never touch our meat saw, so there is no chance of cross-contamination.”

You can also take advantage of the Big Meat Shop’s convenient ready-to-eat take-out menu. It features mouth-watering chicken and fish dishes cooked to perfection in sauces like tandoori, peri-peri, creamy malai, karara kashmiri, lime and honey, cajun, tempting mint, chaska lemon and sweet mango. The menu also includes veggie paneer skewers, veggie patties and veggie momos. Choose from a selection of tasty sides like potato and macaroni salad.

“You can order online or by phone, and your food is usually ready in 10 to 15 minutes,” Sidhu says. “We’re proud to say that we don’t use any MSG or artificial food colouring in our marinated products – you’ll only see the natural colour of the spices coming through!”

And with everything in their Big Meat Shop cooked in their combi-flow restaurant-quality oven, you know they live up to their motto: ‘Our meats are cooked to perfection’

At Big Bazaar they keep adding items to their inventory every day, and they’re also happy to take suggestions for new products you would like to see.

Learn more on Facebook and Instagram, or call them at 778-704-1313 before you head down to 10737 Delsom Cres. to shop this unique store.


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