Protetox Reviews – Trusted Supplement or Bogus Scam?

Maintaining a proper lifestyle and balanced food is the crux of maintaining optimal body mass, but due to unavoidable reasons, many do not stick to it. When discomforted by extra body weight, it is tempting to look for an easy remedy. Many turns to weight loss supplements and a broad spectrum of such products are available in the market that helps you in a weight loss program. But remember, study shows mixed results; clinical outcomes back some, and others can cause side effects. Before consuming any weight loss supplement, consult the physician.

Herbal Product

FDA has banned some weight loss supplement products that do include scheduled drugs. FDA does not regulate weight loss supplements as they do for medicines and foods, so to find the right product, research and read editorial reviews about such products. Protetox is a safe herbal product from fat-burning ingredients such as herbal extract and antioxidants. Medical professionals often recommend weight loss as a health promotion and risk-reducing strategy. Weight loss herbal products are an effective and safe way to implement this strategy. As herbs are not a panacea, it is safe to complement and supplement diet and exercise regimes.


The natural ingredients in Protetox induce a weight loss program by removing the toxic elements from the user’s body, thus improving overall well-being. The supplement contains natural products such as bitter melon, yarrow, vitamin E, cayenne, juniper berries, and other ingredients. They work in tandem to stimulate maximum results. Consuming the product regularly brings multiple benefits to maintaining optimal hormone levels and blood sugar and promotes weight loss.

Bitter Melon

Bitter melon, or the gourd, is a tropical vine enriched with vitamin A, vitamin C, folate, and potassium. Vitamin C is a crucial micronutrient effective in improving the immunity system, bone formation, and wound therapeutic. Moreover, its calorie content is low and high in fiber, which completes around 8% of daily fiber intake in one cup serving. Low calorie and high fiber make it an excellent weight loss diet, as fiber takes longer to digest, and you feel fuller for a longer time, thus reducing appetite.


Protetox comes with thirty pills made from antioxidants and herb extracts that help you lose weight, reduce blood sugar, promote immunity and the digestive system, and remove toxic substances from your body. As the ingredients are natural, it does not contain any antibiotics, are gluten-free and adhere to GMO guidelines.

High Nutritional Value

The product detoxifies your body enormously; the antioxidants and natural substances stimulate the excretion of toxic chemicals, thus enhancing your overall health. The supplement’s high nutritional value naturally promotes gut health, reduces blood sugar, and aids weight loss. The fat-burning properties increase metabolic rate and thus accomplish weight loss without difficulty. The product quickens carbohydrate metabolism and optimizes hormone levels, thus improving overall health.

Major Health Issue

Obesity is a significant health issue in the US; the consequence of this health condition is immense and often related to chronic metabolism irregularities like insulin resistance, heart ailment, and dyslipidemia. No or limited physical movement and intake of excess calories are significant factors for inducing obesity. People with gene polymorphisms are more prone to obesity as biochemical pathways that regulate fat oxidation are hindered along with energy spending and intake.

Vitamin E & C

A study conducted by Harvard University reveals vitamin E plays a crucial role in fat dissolving and vitamin C regulates hunger. Vitamin C is inversely proportional to body mass; individuals with sufficient vitamin C oxidize 30% extra fat in exercise sessions more than people with low vitamin C type. Thus people with low vitamin C levels are more defiant to fat loss. As Protetox is enriched with vitamin C and E, it boosts the fat-reducing capacity of your body.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha lipoic acid is an organic compound that acts as a powerful antioxidant in your body. The body produces this compound in mitochondrion cells, but when you supplement it, more benefits like weight loss and reduced blood sugar. This organic compound is both water and fat-soluble, which makes it unique. The human body produces alpha lipoic acid in small quantities. Thus when you supplement it, the result is more visible.

Alpha–lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant produced in the body and found in food that eliminates free radicals in the body. Alpha–lipoic acid is found in red meat, carrot, spinach, potato, beets, broccoli, and supplements. This antioxidant is used to treat obesity, certain kinds of liver disease, aging skin, and control cholesterol and other fats in the blood. As it enhances metabolism and energy level, the user can lose two pounds if taken for twelve weeks.


The natural compounds of Protetox work in tandem with each other and nourish your body with essential nutrients to keep you hale and hearty. Guggul is such an ingredient an Indian native plant enriched with guggulipid known for its therapeutic properties for centuries. Guggulipid is decisive in lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels without any side effects. If you consume the compound for four consecutive months, LDL cholesterol level is reduced by 7%, and after six months of consumption, HDL cholesterol level is condensed by 10%. This data is shown in one recent research.



The function of guggulipid is dissimilar from statins, a form of cholesterol medicine. Statins obstruct enzyme production named HMG CoA reductase that stimulates cholesterol production. But guggulipid does not restrict HMG CoA reductase production, thus with nil side effects.

Ayurvedic Properties

Guggul is known for its Ayurvedic properties to treat various health conditions like obesity, inflammation, and arthritis. Guggul contains a spectrum of compounds, including guggulipid, essential oils, steroids, flavonoids, amino acids, and carbohydrates, giving its curative properties. The herb is available in capsule form. The recommended dosage is 300-600mg once or twice daily.


Banaba is a native plant from Southeast Asia and the Philippines, rich in antioxidants. As the organic compound burns fat cells, it helps to reduce body mass. The recommended dosage for diabetic patients is 32-48mg daily for two weeks.

Protetox contains natural ingredients that help you to reduce body weight and enhance brain power and overall health with no adverse effects. Many users have stated the benefits they experienced in their reviews.

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