Primal Life Organics LED Whitening System Review: Natural Teeth Whitening Kit That Works?

Oftentimes, we get self-conscious about our teeth’s appearance. People love having healthy, pearly whites. Besides, it does help to boost confidence. Hence, many people try whitening kits or DIY methods to brighten their teeth without knowing the consequences of such actions.

There are countless teeth-whitening supplements in the market with questionable ingredients. They come with drawbacks, either the pricing holding you back from making a purchase or their side effects. Do not worry; we got you covered with the Primal Life Organics LED whitening gel.

This article explains the features and benefits it provides to people suffering from damaged tooth enamel.

An Overview – What is Primal Life Organics Natural Whitening System Kit?

If you hide your smile from friends because of how your teeth look, this one’s for you. Trina Felber, the dental healthcare expert, started this secret Primal Life Organics natural teeth whitening formula.

According to Trina, the dental market is full of teeth-whitening tubes of toothpaste and mouthwashes that contain bleaching agents. These do not only damage the tooth’s enamel but cause long-term effects on health.

Moreover, people have been damaging their dentist for years with whitening strips without even realizing it. Thus, finding a natural teeth-whitening formula was a real challenge, but she found the key during her years of research.

The Primal Life Organics teeth whitening kit is safe for use and contains all-natural ingredients. Most importantly, it does not only focus on external whitening but also takes care of your internal yellowing. Thus, rather than painting a single layer coating on your teeth it uses multi-coats and ensures this affects your teeth on a deeper level.

Additionally, Primal Life Organics serves as a dual-action treatment to protect your tooth enamel and dentin. Not just that, it has also been widely used by several celebrities, and you can go through what they say on the website.

How Does Primal Life Organics Teeth Whitening Work?

If you have already used teeth-whitening tubes of toothpaste and gels before, we will have to give you a red light. You may have damaged your teeth depending upon the extent of usage.

Your teeth contain several layers, like your skin. Dentin is what makes up most of your tooth, while the outer, topmost layer is your enamel. As you age, the enamel gets thinner and thinner and starts to decay. Moreover, drinking coffee or wine, smoking, and poor diet can lead to its deterioration.

The dentin layer becomes darker and hence more visible with the decay of tooth enamel. Thus, this is why your once-white teeth start developing discoloring.

Teeth whitening ensures that it works from the innermost part to whiten teeth. It’s a given that healthy roots give birth to a healthy plant. That is the same process happening with your teeth. Thus, it tackles the roots.

The LED teeth whitener light ensures you heal your dentin layer to eliminate sensitivity and tooth damage. Therefore, you do not have to worry about going through any pain since the LED light tray can improve the tooth’s health.

Blue light increases the plaque prevention action and helps you get healthier teeth within a few minutes.

Do LED whitening kits damage teeth?

No, LED teeth whiteners are safe to use as they do not have dentin or enamel-damaging side effects. Nevertheless, most LED teeth whiteners use bleaching agents present in mouthwashes and kinds of toothpaste.

These harmful agents may lead to sensitivity and weaker dentin. However, our product is free from all kinds of bleaching chemicals that may damage the teeth. Hence, it is a natural mouth detox and completely safe for use.

Features and Benefits of Using Primal Life Organics LED System

Effective Whitening

The Primal Life Organics LED teeth whitening kit comes with a dual action functionality to reverse teeth discoloration. It uses the power formula of extra virgin olive oil along with other essential oils like tea tree oil to help improve tooth health.

Not only that, it helps improve gum health since it helps kill harmful bacteria.

32 LED lights

The LED mouthpiece contains 32 led lamps that ensure all teeth receive the same treatment. You will not suffer from having only white front teeth while the rest are stained yellow.

The red light helps with healing and tissue repair. You can use it to prevent mouth sores and other gum issues. Use the blue light to help lift hard to remove plaque from your enamel.

The 32 red/blue lights help whiten the enamel while keeping your teeth and gums healthy.


The greatest advantage of the Primal Life Organics teeth whitening kit is that you can carry it anywhere. Thus, it comes with a portable mouth tray that does not need any wires or charging devices.

This is a quick solution for those that want whiter teeth while on the go. So, you do not have to make appointments, get mentally prepared, or take a cab for this teeth whitening treatment. You get everything in one place and from the ease of your home.

Only Takes 16 Minutes

Additionally, it is not a week-long therapy procedure, unlike many other solutions. You have to give it 16 minutes from your daily routine and let it take care of the rest.

Non-toxic and Natural

This complete teeth whitening therapy is all-natural. The product does not contain artificial additives or harmful chemicals like bleaching agents. It is safe, non-toxic, and gentle on your gums.

You do not have to take drastic measures to whiten your teeth. This peroxide-free formula will give you a better, whiter smile in no time. Activated charcoal is an effective tooth-whitening agent and is safe and non-abrasive. You will not feel oversensitivity or stickiness after each use.

Simple to Use

The mouthpiece is not hard on the gums and is made of food-grade silicone that’s waterproof. You do not have to worry about mold as long as you wash it after each use.

This complete procedure does not involve any painful techniques. So, if you are done with your dentist’s metal equipment or fear getting your teeth crushed during the teeth whitening process fear not. You will not feel anything during the LED light therapy.

How to Use the Primal Life Organics Led Teeth Whitening Kit

To apply the Primal Life Organics solution, squeeze half an ml of gel from the tube and apply it on your teeth. Moreover, ensure that the teeth are fully covered by the gel.

Next, hold your LED button for 1.5 seconds to switch it on. To change the mode, repeatedly press the button. Place it in your mouth but avoid biting down hard or adding too much pressure on the mouthpiece.

The LED light therapy will automatically turn on for around 16 minutes. Ensure that you move it around your mouth during the process. After the time completes, it will switch off, and the process is done.

Now, take out the mouthpiece carefully and rinse it with warm water to wash any leftovers of the gel. Also, do not forget to gargle and wash your mouth after the procedure.

Repeat the same process four to five times a week for better results. When you are satisfied with the level of whiteness, you can reduce the usage to two to three times a week.

So, now you can achieve white teeth healthier looking gums without going through any painful solutions. In addition, it will help improve your aesthetic and smile with confidence. Thus, get ready to embrace your new and improved look with Primal Life Organics LED therapy.

Where to Buy the Primal Life Organics LED Teeth Whitening System?

Are you ready to experience the life-changing teeth whitening technology with red LED lights to get a better smile? You can buy the Primal Life Organics LED Teeth Whitening System on their official website.

Moreover, you can also avail of the whitening gel for free when you purchase from the website. So, stop stumbling upon messy and sensitive teeth treatments when a red light LED therapy can reverse everything for you.

In addition, if you are a US resident, you can also avail yourself free of cost shipping. Thus, place your order today and get a 30-days money-back guarantee!

Wrapping It Up

We all deserve healthier teeth and whiter smiles, don’t we? But, several expensive teeth whitening systems in the market keep us from achieving that. Moreover, not all of us have free dental care or insurance that covers it.

However, you do not have to worry about such issues with Primal Life Organics LED whitening gel. You can whiten your teeth from the comfort of your home naturally. The ingredients of the gel are safe and use essential oils and activated charcoal. So, say goodbye to hiding your teeth always when you smile and show them your pearly whites!