Offer your feedback on the City of Delta Housing Action Plan by filling out the questionnaire online, or email to ask questions.

Offer your feedback on the City of Delta Housing Action Plan by filling out the questionnaire online, or email to ask questions.

Housing for Delta: Have your say before Dec. 7!

Phase Two of the Housing Action Plan needs your input

What housing does Delta need?

The City of Delta is developing a Housing Action Plan, and they want your feedback!

In Phase One of the project, city planners consulted with residents and identified key housing needs:

  • Right Supply
  • Right Price
  • Right Balance
  • Housing Supports

Now in Phase Two, the city has developed possible strategies to meet those needs and it’s time for you to voice your opinion. Find more information and fill out the questionnaire at The questionnaire is open until Dec. 7.

The best housing strategy to support a thriving city

What do you think Delta needs now, and in the future, to support healthy neighbourhoods and a prosperous city? Should planners prioritize below-income housing, supports for people with disabilities, or rental housing? Can they do more to help seniors and families in high-density housing and single-detached homes? What strategies do you think will be more effective?

Delta city planners have developed strategies to address the needs identified in Phase One, and now it’s time for you to identify their priorities for the next five years.

  1. Promote priority housing through ‘sliding scale’ incentives
  2. Explore ways to increase land availability for priority housing
  3. Create opportunities for gentle density
  4. Introduce renter protection policies
  5. Increase the number of accessible units in Delta
  6. Pilot pre-zoning in select areas near town centres
  7. Introduce inclusionary zoning policies

Offer your feedback by filling out the questionnaire, or email to ask questions or provide other comments.

What’s next

Feedback on Phase One was excellent, and the city is hoping that community involvement will remain strong despite the pandemic. Planners rely on the public’s perspective for real-world experiences — cities are places where people live, not just drawings on blueprints and text in proposals!

In the questionnaire you’ll be asked to explain how the different strategies will affect your day-to-day life in the city. Once consultation closes on Dec. 7 the city will move on to Phase Three, drafting a Housing Action Plan. They expect to present the draft plan to council in spring 2021, with another round of public consultation to follow.

Once a final proposal is approved by council in 2021, the city will start implementing policies to bring your ideas to life!

Visit to learn more and have your say.

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