Jack Lee with the 2021 Glenfiddich Championship trophy. (Submitted photo by Derek Maxwell)

Jack Lee with the 2021 Glenfiddich Championship trophy. (Submitted photo by Derek Maxwell)

Cloverdale man named ‘World’s Best Piper’

Third win for Jack Lee

Cloverdale piper Jack Lee has claimed the title of “World’s Best Piper” for the third time.

Lee took home the 2021 title Oct. 30 in Blair Atholl, Scotland at the Glenfiddich Solo Piping Championship.

“Jack is such an exceptionally talented player in every respect—technically, tonally, and musically—but it takes more than just talent to remain at the pinnacle of our art into one’s 60s,” said Alan Bevan, SFU pipe major . “It’s also reflected in Jack’s huge passion for the music and his incredible self-discipline and work ethic.”

Bevan said Lee is extremely competitive but very gracious, whether he wins or loses.

“Despite his huge successes as a soloist and band leader, Jack remains humble and down-to-earth. I can’t think of a more well-respected personality or better role model in the piping world than Jack.”

The event was held in the Great Hall of Blair Castle.

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The annual competition is for the top ten pipers in the world as they try to find the best of the best among them.

Lee, the pipe sergeant for the SFU Pipe Band, won his first title in 2003 and won again in 2017. He was the first North American to win the prestigious title.

Lee played two pieces in the contest, the Piobaireachd (a Gaelic word for piping) and the March, Strathspey and Reel (MSR). Lee came second in the Piobaireachd and third in the MSR. The placings granted Lee enough points to take the overall title for 2021.

This year marked the forty-eighth running of the Solo Piping Championship, which began in 1974.

More than 600 people paid 15 quid a pop to see the event live.


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