Earl Marriott Secondary students are on a cultural adventure in Haida Gwaii, and have offered to share their experience, in way of blog posts, with Peace Arch News. (Contributed photo)

Earl Marriott Secondary students are on a cultural adventure in Haida Gwaii, and have offered to share their experience, in way of blog posts, with Peace Arch News. (Contributed photo)

BLOG: Haida Gwaii trip prompts ‘clearer sense of knowledge on Indigenous culture’

Earl Marriott Secondary students share experience in Haida Gwaii

Earl Marriott Secondary students are on a nine-day cultural adventure at Haida Gwaii, which began on May 1. The students will tour several sacred sites, explore the rich historical significance of the islands while mingling with locals.

The students have offered to write a daily blog post about their adventure, which the Peace Arch News will publish for the duration of their trip.

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‘Clear Sense of History’

-Rori Denness-Lamont

The past two days have been such a fantastic experience.

Monday, half our group walked down to the Kay Center; museum here in Haida Gwaii. For me walking through that museum allowed me to further understand Indigenous culture.

I took part in the Earl Marriott First Nations studies program where I learned about all different bands across Canada. We learned about different events that have occurred in the past and about different artifacts. Seeing the history up close and in person was incredible. It permitted me to better understand and feel the history.

One of my favourite parts of the museum was the first room we entered. Within the room were hand sewn quilts that had stories and quotes stitched within.

This stuck out me the most as the quotes were so powerful, the energy radiating off of them was vibrant. The quilts were beautiful and you could see how much was put into them.

We learned about how indigenous communities always utilized the nature to the fullest and did all by hand; no machines involved. And this piece really showed this; there was shells sewn on and every word was hand stitched.

The museum also had welcome post which really stood out to me as well. They were very interesting pieces to look at and I could relate it back to what I learned at school about the different artists.

Seeing all these amazing artifacts with my own eyes and reading about the people I learned about in class gave a clearer sense of knowledge on Indigenous culture. I really enjoyed the day and am so happy I had the opportunity to go see this.

Furthermore, today was another outstanding day. A group of us students and staff went on a kayaking trip with Green Coast Kayaking from Charlotte to Skidegate.

Being out on that water is an experience like no other. I can’t express how amazing it felt to just embrace the nature and sea life around us and just relax.

Kayaking here is so much quieter than at home. There’s no sounds coming from the town just the sound of you paddling, gliding through the water.

Upon our arrival to a side island, our guides made us lunch and took us on adventure to the top of the island.

The view from up there was stunning. It was just miles of beautiful blue and luscious greenery. I sat on one of the rock above and just looked out into the water.

It was an incredibly calming positive experience out there today. Our guides were so caring, they always assured we weren’t leaving anyone behind and they took the time to get to know us. Asking us questions about our trip and school and just about our lives.

The past two days have just been nothing but positive experiences.

I’m excited to see what our last day here in Haida Gwaii has in store! This trip has been an experience of a life time, and I can’t wait to return here again one day!

Exploring Haida Gwaii