Tom Zytaruk

Man accused of Surrey Safeway bum-pinching loses appeal

The case centred on an incident involving a 13-year-old girl in 2015

Surrey auto impounded after ‘numerous’ complaints

Surrey man issued 13-month driving prohibition

Government letting Canadians down, hurricane stranded say

Local residents are among the stranded. Despite frustration, Surrey Liberal MP says help’s on the way

ZYTARUK: Hawthorne hijinks not funny at all

Strange stuff in ongoing battle for future of a Surrey park

Surrey’s Hawthorne Park petitioners want Surrey to extend window to collect signatures

Group’s leader says it’s within the City’s power

Save Hawthorne group seeks legal advice after Surrey’s ‘request’ to not hand out forms on civic property

West Coast Environmental Law says they have a right to distribute political literature

Surrey high-flyer wins army cadet parachuting award

Surrey army cadet enjoys rewarding experience, and gets an award in the process

Learn about Surrey salmon habitat at Robson Park on Saturday

There’ll also be a free barbeque at the Whalley park

ZYTARUK: My book, my Kilimanjaro

Column writer shares sage platitudes on getting the job done, eventually

Surrey couple awarded $300K in court over breach of real estate contract

The defendant contracted to buy the Newton rancher but didn’t complete

Surrey Fortis customers might be hit with three per cent fee on top of their bill

That’s if an application to the British Columbia Utilities Commission is approved

Former Surrey Creep Catchers dad Lance Loy says he’s getting a rough ride

Lance Loy, 37, claims he’s the victim of “a pretty bad misinterpretation.”

KPU offering new minor in medicinal chemistry

The first course, to be taught this fall, is Natural Products Chemistry

Surrey residents campaigning against Hawthorne Park roads proposal feel they’re being stymied by city hall

Surrey City Clerk says the necessary form will be ready this week.

Surrey RCMP release photos of five intended victims in recent shootings

Police warn that anyone who associates with these five could be in danger themselves

Surrey MLAs weigh in on Clark’s resignation

Marvin Hunt’s reaction was ‘surprise’

Surrey RCMP looking for three vehicles related to Whalley drive-by shooting

Police warn residents to be alert for idling cars

Unsolved Surrey homicide Crime Stoppers’ ‘Crime of the Week’

Jatinder ‘Michael’ Sandhu, 28, was shot in the head while sitting in a parked car in Whalley in 2016

Surrey RCMP stats indicate crime is down, again

All told, Surrey’s number of criminal code offences dropped by 14 per cent, to 20,947 from 24,486.