COLUMN: Trip planning help at the George Mackie Library

Columnist Frances Thomson discusses the many travel guides on offer at the George Mackie Library.

  • May 18th, 2017

COLUMN: Excercise key to seniors’ quality of life

Columnist ML Burke says Delta should do more to help frail seniors get the exercise that they need.

COLUMN: Protect yourself from online fraud

Delta Police Chief Neil Dubord warns readers of some the scams going around, and how they can protect themselves from fraudsters.

Master Chef Canada winner Trevor Connie visits Seaquam


    North Delta coder aids Australian artist


      North Delta Toastmasters have final fall contest


        Luminary Festival lights up North Delta


          ZYTARUK: Gee, academics discover smoking pot leads to bad school grades

          Yep, that’s right and you heard it here. Could’ve told you that in 1982, though.

          OUR VIEW: Advance voting higher in Surrey ridings that elected Liberals in 2013

          All told 70,895 of the 353,652 eligible voters in Surrey, White Rock and North Delta saw fit to vote in advance this provincial election

          • May 8th, 2017

          COLUMN: South of the Fraser rises again and again

          For years, Richmond, Delta, Surrey, White Rock and Langley had one MLA. After May 9, there’ll be 17.

          COLUMN: Trip planning help at North Delta’s Mackie library

          Columnist Frances Thomson fills readers in on the many great resources available at the George Mackie Library.

          COLUMN: Surrey’s Vaisakhi is a celebration for our entire community

          There are important points that all of us, no matter our ethnic or religious backgrounds, can draw from Vaisakhi.

          COLUMN: What really matters in the end

          Columnist ML Burke looks into the real worth, and difficulty, of giving away your collections.

          SIMPSON: One-parent households, you have my utmost respect

          In Canada, there are more than 1.6 million lone-parent families – and I tip my hat to every single one of them

          BC Green Party policy still in daycare

          Extending kindergarten to four- and three-year-olds, free child care, paying parents to stay home adds up to a fantasy

          • Apr 11th, 2017

          COLUMN: Cozy mysteries for April showers

          Columnist Frances Thomson gives a few book recommendations to help pass the time on rainy spring days.

          ZYTARUK: Surrey senior’s pension fight, Round 2. Ding.

          After she timed out on her 65th birthday she was cut off and nobody in government bothered to tell her.

          • Apr 6th, 2017

          BC VIEWS: Forest policies need to add up

          Log exports to China have surged along with lumber sales, which are far more valuable and keep sawmills going

          • Apr 4th, 2017

          COLUMN: A movement in search of connection

          Columnist ML Burke says more and more people are looking to get away from suburban isolation in search of community.

          ZYTARUK: Biding our time for those four horsemen

          A guy waving one of those “repent for the end is near” signs...

          • Mar 29th, 2017

          LETTER: Don’t punish all dog owners for the mistakes of a few

          Patrick and Nancy Demwell think dogs (and their owners) are part of what makes North Delta's Huff Corridor special.

          • Mar 29th, 2017

          BC VIEWS: Politicians can’t direct innovation

          Ottawa has more than 140 programs to encourage innovation, and B.C. is getting on the bandwagon

          • Mar 28th, 2017

          EDITORIAL: What’s the big deal about Delta’s name?

          If council gets the go-ahead, the Corporation of Delta will become the City of Delta. That’s it. Nothing else happens.

          ZYTARUK: Sleep well, friends. Because insomnia bites

          There are no less than 85 known sleep disorders out there

          • Mar 23rd, 2017